Genital Hair Removal

Men of all ages have discovered the advantages to removing genital hair from their bodies. Not only does it help to keep their bodies clean – but it is considered to be very sexy. Like with any other part of the body men can remove their genital hair through shaving, waxing, and laser treatment.

Some of these treatments are considered to be easier then others and to require less work – but when it comes to the genital area you have to think about what is going to feel right. This is the most sensitive area of your body and you don’t want to use anything that might irritate or damage it in anyway.

The greatest thing about waxing and laser treatments is that they are effective and will prevent you from having to remove the hair on an almost constant basis. The downside to them both is that they are expensive and can be very painful. You run the risk of skin discoloration, irritation, redness, and swelling. Basically everything you would never want in that particular area.

Shaving Genital Hair

Your better choice would be to shave the genital hair. This will allow you to control the situation and the only side effects you are likely to experience is slight irritation. When done properly the results are amazing and the skin will be smooth and the area pleasing to look at.

  • It is important to find a razor that has a sharp blade and will offer a close shave. You will also need to find a shaving cream that is for sensitive skin and can be used on all areas of the body.
  • To begin you will want to take a warm shower to soften the hair and make it easier for you to shave. Lather the whole area with shaving cream.
  • When shaving you will want to start at the shaft and go in a downward motion. Do not forget to remove the hair around the shaft so that it looks even and smooth. To shave the testicles you will need to move in an upward motion and be very careful so you do not cut yourself.
  • Once you have removed al the hair you need to dry the area off and moisturize it. To help prevent chafing apply a small amount of baby powder.


  • If this is your first time shaving your genital hair then remember that your skin is going to be sensitive and you have to grow accustomed to how it feels. Also your skin will need some time to adjust to the razor. It might take a few times before the skin will be perfectly smooth.
  • Make sure that after each stroke you rinse off the razor. Using a clogged razor will affect the effectiveness of the shave.
  • You will need to exfoliate the area before and after you have shaved. To do this use a soft sponge or washcloth. This will help to prevent blocked pores and ingrown hair.
  • Never use lotions and powders that have colors or fragrances.