Chest Hair Removal

Men will remove their chest hair for the same reason that they will remove the hair that is on their back, legs, and arms. They feel embarrassed by the amount of hair that they have and believe that many women are turned off by it. Some might not feel this way – but will remove it because of a special sport.

It does not matter what your reason is for removing chest hair. The good thing is there are a wide variety of options that you are able to use in order to get it done. Shaving, waxing, and laser treatments are all effective methods to use. The most common and most affordable to use is waxing.

Why Wax

Why not shave it off or remove it easily through laser treatments? It is true that shaving is the simplest method to use and nearly painless. It is also the most annoying. It will often take a few tries before the skin is used to the razor and feels smooth. Once it does you will still have to do it on a constant basis in order to keep ingrown hairs and stubble at bay.

Laser treatments are quite effective – but for many men it is way too expensive. Those with thick hair that covers a large area of their chest could spend $500 to $2,000. This method can also only be used on men with light skin and dark hair.

While waxing is considered to be the most painful method it is effective and can be done at home or performed by a professional esthetician. It is not nearly as expensive as laser treatments and it will keep the hair from growing back quickly.

How To Wax At Home

  • There are dozens of at home wax kits that are made specifically for male chest hair removal. Some will come with liquid wax, wax on strips that you have to remove, or wax that will dry on your skin and are washed off. Try to find something that is effective for the type of hair you have and that will not irritate your skin.
  • Wash your chest with warm water and soap to remove sweat and grime from the skin, soften the hair, and to open the pores. Prepare the wax according to the directions of the kit that you purchased.
  • Apply the wax to the skin in the direction that the hair is growing. Now apply the cloth strip smoothly over the wax.
  • Holding your skin taut, you will grab hold of one end of the strip and pull it quickly away from the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Once you have removed all of the hair you need to apply a moisturizer to the skin and for a couple hours try to keep clothing off of it to avoid irritation. Some wax kits will come with special oils or moisturizers to apply.